I have a Happstack program that dynamically converts Markdown documents to HTML using Text.Pandoc:

import qualified Text.Pandoc as Pandoc
    return $ toResponse $ Pandoc.writeHtml Pandoc.def contents

I.e. Pandoc is returning a Text.Blaze.Html.Html value. (This has a ToMessage instance which means it can be used as a response to a request.)

How do I insert a custom CSS stylesheet into Pandoc's output? What if I want to customise the HTML e.g. by wrapping the <body> contents with some other elements?


When Pandoc's "standalone mode" option is enabled, it uses a template to format the output. The template and its substitions variables can be set in the writerTemplate and writerVariables members of WriterOptions.

The command line tool has a default set of template it uses. You can see the default template for a format using e.g. pandoc -D html.

When using the library, the default is to use an empty template. You can get the default template programmatically using getDefaultTemplate.

Here's some example code:

import Text.Blaze.Html.Renderer.String
import Text.Pandoc

getHtmlOpts = do
    template <- either (error . show) id
        `fmap` getDefaultTemplate Nothing "html"
    return $ def
        { writerStandalone = True
        , writerTemplate = template
        , writerVariables = [
            ("css", "/path/to/style.css"),
             "<style>p { background-color: magenta; }</style>")]

main = do
    opts <- getHtmlOpts
    putStrLn $ renderHtml $ writeHtml opts $ readMarkdown def "..."

Pandoc, when run from the command line, takes some arguments that allow you to insert something into the <head> tag (-H), before content (-B) and after content (-A). I don't know about Happstack, but surely there must be a way to pass these parameters to Pandoc.writeHtml

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