How can I use GitPython to determine whether:

  • My local branch is ahead of the remote (I can safely push)
  • My local branch is behind the remote (I can safely pull)
  • My local branch has diverged from the remote?

To check if the local and remote are the same, I'm doing this:

def local_and_remote_are_at_same_commit(repo, remote):
    local_commit = repo.commit()
    remote_commit = remote.fetch()[0].commit
    return local_commit.hexsha == remote_commit.hexsha

See https://stackoverflow.com/a/15862203/197789


commits_behind = repo.iter_commits('master..origin/master')


commits_ahead = repo.iter_commits('origin/master..master')

Then you can use something like the following to go from iterator to a count:

count = sum(1 for c in commits_ahead)

(You may want to fetch from the remotes before running iter_commits, eg: repo.remotes.origin.fetch())

This was last checked with GitPython 1.0.2.

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