I would like to search JIRA's "Quick Search" from Chrome's Omnibox. This is not the same as this Chrome Omnibox search string:


That string will only open perfectly (not partially) matched JIRA IDs. A Quick Search will automatically open the issue that uniquely matches the search criteria--even if the search criteria is a partial match. For example, consider a system where there is only one JIRA issue that contains -77, and that JIRA issue is CLS-77. Using Quick Search (at the upper-right corner of the JIRA site) to search for "77" will open issue CLS-77 automatically. Performing the same search through Chrome Omnibox custom search string I listed earlier will not launch CLS-77 when searching for 77.

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In searching for the same answer, I discovered a partial solution. This solution requires that you use the keyword searching feature of the omnibox, so searching for "ISSUE-123" will not work but "jira ISSUE-123" will. It also supports quick-search text searching for example "jira some search string."

In chrome, follow these steps to configure:

  1. Open chrome's settings and click Manage Search Engines in the search section.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and enter the following information:
    • Search engine name: JIRA (or some description about which instance of jira like "Apache JIRA")
    • Keyword: jira (or something simple to remember on the omnibox, could be the base URL of your jira instance)
    • URL: https://jira.example.com/jira/secure/QuickSearch.jspa?searchString=%s (obviously, replace the jira.example.com with the host name of your jira instance)
  3. Click done

To use:

  1. In the omnibox type jira (or your keyword you configured above) followed by a tab or space
  2. Enter your quick-search term which could be an issue key, free-form text or project text

Examples of what to type in the OmniBox:

  • An issue key: jira WEB-123
  • Free-form text: jira Logo change
  • Project-specific search: jira WEB logo
  • Would it be possible to add a keyboard shortcut. For example the default for google search is CTRL-K.
    – rhanabe
    Commented Feb 10, 2021 at 15:53

In newer versions of JIRA (I'm using 6.2.7), the URL to use is https://jira.example.com/secure/QuickSearch.jspa?searchString=%s (replace jira.example.com with your host name).

Update: In JIRA 6.4.4, this URL works: https://jira.example.com/issues/?jql=%s

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    The updated string doesn't work quite as before: now, you have to put in a valid query. To get the closer to the old behaviour, a better string is ...//jira.example.com/issues/?jql=text~"%s"%20or%20id="%s". It isn't quite the same since it leaves you on the search page even if an exact id is entered. It is good enough for my needs though.
    – Paul Hicks
    Commented Dec 22, 2016 at 1:09

Another method is to use Setting>Search Engine>Manage Search Engines and add your URL https://yourjirasite/secure/QuickSearch.jspa?searchString=%s and set your 'keyword' to something quick, like 'jira' or 'j'.

Then from the chrome omnibox you can type "j MyProject-1234" and find your Jira right away. or "j FooBar" to find all the FooBar related Issues.

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    You solution appears to be a rehash of the accepted solution provided 3.5 years ago and the more detailed rewording of that same solution provided almost 3 years ago.
    – CLSheppard
    Commented Jun 18, 2018 at 11:58

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