I have been slowly digging through Visual Studio's SDK, but could not yet figure out what DTE stands for. This is a silly question, but I really can't seem to find it. DTE is super useful, it would be super cool to know what it is as well.

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It stands for Development Tools Environment.

They don't seem to mention it much, the only page on MSDN I could find that says what it stands for is this one.

  • good find, i'd always wondered what it stood for myself! – Mike Corcoran Jun 21 '13 at 16:33
  • Seems, that link isn't relevant anymore, is it? – Bohdan Kuts May 31 at 10:45

DTE = "Development Tools Environment"

Essentially, I understand it to be the part of Visual Studio that lets you interact with the computer itself. This can control things such as active windows and applications.

From MSDN:

EnvDTE is an assembly-wrapped COM library containing the objects and members for Visual Studio core automation.

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