Slightly confused regards installing Passenger on my local Mac. I'm using:

RVM version 1.21.2 (stable) ruby 2.0.0p195

and downloaded passenger-4.0.5.

There's a discussion on whether to use rvmsudo or not here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rubyversionmanager/9dnmAsTiHR4

In short, https://www.phusionpassenger.com/download suggests using sudo.

But the rvm page suggests not: https://rvm.io/integration/passenger

And to make it all a little more confusing, this up-voted SO page suggests using rvmsudo! Need help setting up passenger with RVM

Dare I ask for a "right" way to do it?


if you use RVM then either drop sudo and Passenger will tell you what to do or use rvmsudo and Passenger should do everything for you.

when you do not use rvm it still might depend on more factors, basically sudo disables environment including PATH which breaks ruby version switchers - so it would work only if you installed ruby from your distribution or manually to system path - which would make ruby work exactly the same with and without sudo - in most cases, but not always.

just drop the sudo, Passenger will tell you what to do.

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