i am using fedora and a folder i want to set permission public every one read write

chmod -R 755 /directory
chmod owner group world FileName

and other's but can't work

how i can give public permission to every one one of my folder and every thing under it to other users



Following two commands will ensure your purpose

chmod -R 755 /directory
chown -R owner.group /directory

This will give read permissions to everyone. You may be facing issue due to wrong ownership. If the file is not very sensitive, you can also use:

chown -R nobody.nobody /directory   ( No body means anyone )

use command chmod -R 777 yourdirectory

  • can not give full permission to other user – Welcome Always Jun 22 '13 at 12:58
  • 777 is the correct solution. – SmallChess May 10 at 4:34

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