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My Apache installation on my Ubuntu 12.04 server redirects requests addressed to:


The address is my servers current IP-address. The address was the one it had half a year ago.

My question is: why does it do this? and how do I make it stop?

Half a year ago I wanted to make requests to redirect to I did this by adding this line:

RedirectMatch permanent ^/$

to the file /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

A couple of days ago I tried to solve the current redirect problem by changing the line above to:

RedirectMatch permanent ^/$

and rebooting the server. This did not solve the problem! Then I tried to do a global file search for the string using this command:

sudo grep / -irn --exclude-dir={bin,lib64,opt,sbin,tmp,boot,lost+found,proc,selinux,dev,media,root,srv,lib,mnt,run,sys,mail,log,doc,src,recovery-mode} --color

this search revealed a couple of outdated CRON-entries that I also fixed to use instead. This didn't help either. So, where could the string '' be residing? I guess it must be somewhere in order for anything to redirect to that address.

This server runs Joomla from the path /var/www/joomla/. As this path is not excluded by my grep-search any redirection emerging from Joomla should be revealed by the grep-search.

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Two considerations:

  1. Redirecting to will redirect to the user's machine, not your server. If you're only spanning one server, you should not include your server's IP (it's not nice to access a site with a domain i.e. and be redirected to an ip address). So the rule should use variables for the host: %{HTTP_HOST} and %{REQUEST_URI} for host and path.

  2. Besides httpd.conf you may also have redirect rules in your .htaccess which resides in the webserver root: and it's a hidden file so it could have been skipped by your grep, have a look into that as well. Beware the syntax of .htaccess and httpd.conf is slightly different.

  3. You're achieving two things with that redirect: point to an installation which is off-root (/joomla) and setting a different homepage. Setting the homepage in Joomla is as easy as marking its menu item with a star in the menu item editor, so you might not need the second part.

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