I am using spring gem to speed up my rspec and cucumber tests.
I have the following config in both my spec/spec_helper.rb and features/support/env.rb files:

require 'simplecov'
SimpleCov.start 'rails'

If I start my tests with rspec spec/ and rake cucumber:ok, than SimpleCov merges reports and I get what I wanted.
But if I use spring rspec spec/ and spring cucumber features/, each command overwrites previous report and doesn't merge them.
How can I make spring merge reports?

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You need to provide a name for each report, so that Simplecov knows that they are to be merged. Simplecov tries to discover the command but the spring command makes it impossible, so do it manually.

So in spec/spec_helper.rb:

SimpleCov.command_name "RSpec"

And in features/support/env.rb:

SimpleCov.command_name "Cucumber"

Remember to stop the spring server so the change takes effect:

spring stop

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