I have a list of spans with a variety of classes. I want to check if a given span has the same class as another element.

if ( $(this).attr('class') === getClass.match('Rock, Paper, Scissors') ) {
    //do stuff

.match doesn't work with a comma separated list. I was wondering how I would do this then.

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Why not just

$(this).is('.Rock, .Paper, .Scissors')
  • It needs to return the class name.
    – C_K
    Jun 23, 2013 at 1:37

Using a pipe separated regex should work.



Here is the documentation for the test method which will return true/false directly.

 var str="Hello world!";
 //look for "Hello" or "world"
 var patt=/Hello|world/g;
 var result=patt.test(str);

I suggest looking at the filter method (http://api.jquery.com/filter/) because your element could have more than one classes in which case the code you've posted might not produce expected result. You could use the filter function as follows:

$(this).filter('.Rock, .Paper, .Scissors')

So you could use it like follows:

$.each($(element).filter('.Rock, .Paper, .Scissors'), function(index, value) {
    // do stuff

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