• I have a running ec2 instance but don't have the key pair for the instance.
  • I have a ftp-user account set up but don't have root access.
  • I want to duplicate the running instance to a new instance go gain root access.


  • When I try to create a new instance, from a snapshot of the old one, putty says "Server refused our key" when trying to ssh into it...

This is what I did:

  1. Created a snapshot of the old instance's ebs volume
  2. From the snapshot I created an image
    • Made sure the architecture and kernel-id matched the old instance
  3. I launched a new instance from the image
    • Created a new key pair
    • Created a new security group and made sure port 22 was open
  4. Assigned an elastic ip to the instance
  5. I downloaded and converted the key pair .pem file with puTTYgen
    • Loaded .pem file into puTTYgen
    • Used SSH-2 RSA 1024
    • Saved private key
  6. Tried to ssh into the instance with putty (BUT FAILING)
    • Used elastic ip address
    • Tried with usernames: "ec2-user", "root", "ubuntu", "bitnami"

What could be wrong?


The image and your new instance still use the original keypair. Unless you prepare the instance to accept a new key at launch, it will not.

What you need to do is attach the volume to a new instance entirely, (created from a public ami). Mount the volume and edit the user's authorized_keys file on that volume. Put in your new key, and then move it back to the original instance.

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