I'm new to jQuery and I was looking for a way to pass a variable to a new page by POST method WITHOUT using a form.

Using GET is easy:

    var name = 'John';
    var url = "my_new_page.php?name=" +name;

How can I do the same thing with POST?

I tried .load(), .post() and .ajax() but it didn't work.

Is it possible?


People marked my question as duplicate but that didn't solve my problem. My thanks to SLaks, it seems that <form> is the only way.

I made this function that works just fine:

function post2blank(url,myarray)
{   var myform = '<form id="temporary_form" action="' +url+ '" target="_blank" method="POST">';
    $.each(myarray, function( key, value ){myform += '<input name="' +key+ '" value="' +value+ '"/>';});
    myform += '</form>';

It creates a <form> with id="temporary_form" and append it to <body>. After submit each variable on "myarray" to "result.php", it removes the form.

Here's an example how to call:

<a onclick="var myArray = { name : 'John' , age : '45'}; post2blank('result.php' , myArray);">POST</a>

I tested on Chrome, IE10 and Firefox for android. Hope it helps someone else.


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You need to create a hidden form and call submit().

The <form> tag is the only way to navigate to a page using a POST.

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