I'm building a service somewhat like Twitter and in the process of creating the design.

I looked at Twitter's open source projects on github, and on some alternative open source projects for part of the design example

So I have a general idea of what is needed to accomplish my task. I failed to find Twitters actual architecture diagram or an article containing an overview about it.

What does Twitter's architecture diagram looks like?



It would be difficult to find a single, grand architecture diagram explaining all Twitter services. However, you can find high level overviews and articles dealing with specific parts of it.

An overview from a Twitter engineering lead is here.

You can follow the Twitter engineering blog for updates.

This video is about their move from ROR to the JVM.

A list of Twitter scale numbers.

An article on tweaking Twitter's architecture.

This one deals with their storage backend.

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Here is the updated architecture and details about some of the design decisions. Its interesting note that Twitter is using a write intensive architecture to make read perform better (O(1) infact). The highscalability article points to the original Infoq presentation.

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  • This answer is more current then the first one – 0xAffe Oct 15 '15 at 7:04

Here is a great overview as of 19 Jan 2017 in case anyone else happens upon this thread. It covers lessons learned and the evolution of their various data solutions over time.

Infrastructure Behind Twitter

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