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I want to configure 3 activemq brokers (same machine or vm) that works together as broker network. What are the steps I need to follow ?

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Have you tried to use this guide? http://activemq.apache.org/networks-of-brokers.html

Please precise your question if you have difficulties with something about this manual.

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I had some difficulties with manual. It clearly doesn't show how to configure multiple brokers. This might be hard since I'm newbie to this area. But I succeed after following this fusesource.com/docs/broker/5.4/clustering/index.html . Btw I configured 1 embedded broker and 3 remote brokers. I added all the brokers as static using this configuration <networkConnector uri="static:(tcp://host1:62001, tcp://host2:62001)" networkTTL="3" duplex="true"/>. Only embedded broker web ui shows other brokers; but in the other brokers network setting it doesn't show. any idea about that ? Thanks. –  Gihan Anuruddha Jun 26 '13 at 6:42

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