I'm experimenting a bit with CSS for making a cool user interface for my QT application.

I have this problem: I have a QPushButton and when it is on focus it has a rectangle on it that I want to remove. Here some screen-shot:

Normal button:

enter image description here

Focused button:

enter image description here

I have tried to add something (backgroundcolor, text-decoration, etc)


but it keeps on highlighting..

Some hints?

here is the QPushButton css code:

    color: #b1b1b1;
    background-color: QLinearGradient( x1: 0, y1: 0, x2: 0, y2: 1, stop: 0 #565656, stop: 0.1 #525252, stop: 0.5 #4e4e4e, stop: 0.9 #4a4a4a, stop: 1 #464646);
    border-width: 1px;
    border-color: #1e1e1e;
    border-style: solid;
    border-radius: 6;
    padding: 3px;
    font-size: 12px;
    padding-left: 5px;
    padding-right: 5px;

    background-color: QLinearGradient( x1: 0, y1: 0, x2: 0, y2: 1, stop: 0 #2d2d2d, stop: 0.1 #2b2b2b, stop: 0.5 #292929, stop: 0.9 #282828, stop: 1 #252525);
    border: 2px solid QLinearGradient( x1: 0, y1: 0, x2: 0, y2: 1, stop: 0 #ffa02f, stop: 1 #d7801a);

QPushButton:focus {
    /*background-color: red;*/

ps. I'm on Ubuntu 12.04,with Qt 4.8 and I'm using this wonderfull css: http://www.yasinuludag.com/darkorange.stylesheet

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    Can you post your css? e.g. pushButton->setStyleSheet("QLineEdit { background-color: yellow }");
    – Huy
    Jun 24, 2013 at 16:12
  • Are you assigning CSS to the MainWindow or directly to the push button? I'm using Qt5 and am not observing your issue.
    – Huy
    Jun 24, 2013 at 16:24
  • Your CSS post is inconsistent with the stylesheet you linked to (it's missing the QPushButton:hover).
    – Huy
    Jun 24, 2013 at 16:27
  • @Huytard: sorry, hover added
    – nkint
    Jun 24, 2013 at 16:29
  • Can you double check to make sure that what you've input is the same as what is output? Try something like: qDebug() << ui->pushButton->styleSheet();
    – Huy
    Jun 24, 2013 at 16:32

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The highlighted rectangle may be the QStyle::PE_FrameFocusRect styling. The only way to get rid of it is by implementing a custom style. Fortunately, Qt provides a way to implement just a proxy, which uses another style in the general case. For the focus rectangle you'd implement:

class Style_tweaks : public QProxyStyle

        void drawPrimitive(PrimitiveElement element, const QStyleOption *option,
                           QPainter *painter, const QWidget *widget) const
            /* do not draw focus rectangles - this permits modern styling */
            if (element == QStyle::PE_FrameFocusRect)

            QProxyStyle::drawPrimitive(element, option, painter, widget);

qApp->setStyle(new Style_tweaks);
  • impressive.. it works.. I thought it was an Ubuntu problem (see my own answer at stackoverflow.com/a/17297035/433685 ).. but let me ask one thing more: how to change this behavior and instead of return (drawing nothing) underline the text?
    – nkint
    Jun 25, 2013 at 12:19
  • QPushButton:hover { text-decoration: underline; } qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/stylesheet-reference.html Otherwise, you really have to paint the underline, but with this I have no experience.
    – chelmuth
    Jun 27, 2013 at 8:18
  • I also wanted to underline QPushButtons on hover like this but it does not work. The text is not underlined.
    – philk
    Nov 1, 2013 at 19:49
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    QPushButton { outline: none; } is the way to remove the focus rect without writing code. It is an undocumented property.
    – user362515
    May 5, 2014 at 16:51
  • @user362515 that sounds pretty neat. Does the property exist in Qt4 and Qt5?
    – chelmuth
    May 6, 2014 at 6:44

For some reason the accepted answer doesn't seem to work (at least on Qt5.6). This makes the work for me:

QPushButton:focus {
   border: none;
   outline: none;
  • Where should I put this code? I'd like the same effect for all buttons.
    – Sigur
    Dec 31, 2021 at 17:15
  • @Sigur you can set a default application stylesheet with QApplication.setStyleSheet(). Be aware that if you do set an global stylesheet, selectors are mandatory. Feb 5 at 2:38

One more alternative (works in windows and in ubuntu), for simplicity I use solid colors:
ui->pushButton->setStyleSheet( "QPushButton { background-color: #0188cc; color: #ffffff; outline: none }" );

Note "outline: none" property - it removes focus rectangle from the button.

And one more related tip for checkable buttons: by default checked buttons drawed with dot pattern, not solid color as I expected for
"QPushButton:checked { background-color: #0188cc; color: #ffffff; }".

I added "border: none" to the button stylesheet:
"QPushButton:checked { background-color: #0188cc; color: #ffffff; border: none }",
and dotted pattern disappeared! Now my checked buttons are clean, as I expected with solid background style.

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    This should be the accepted answer. outline: none perfectly worked for me. @avtomaton, you've saved my day. Jan 13, 2016 at 16:40

I ran this snippet of code both on Windows 7 (Qt5) and on Ubuntu 12 (Qt4.8). There are no problems with it:

QFile file("style.css");
  QString data = file.readAll();

  // "this" is the derived QMainWindow class

And alternatively...

                              "color: #b1b1b1;"
                              "background-color: QLinearGradient( x1: 0, y1: 0, x2: 0, y2: 1, stop: 0 #565656, stop: 0.1 #525252, stop: 0.5 #4e4e4e, stop: 0.9 #4a4a4a, stop: 1 #464646);"
                              "border-width: 1px;"
                              "border-color: #1e1e1e;"
                              "border-style: solid;"
                              "border-radius: 6;"
                              "padding: 3px;"
                              "font-size: 12px;"
                              "padding-left: 5px;"
                              "padding-right: 5px;"
                              "background-color: QLinearGradient( x1: 0, y1: 0, x2: 0, y2: 1, stop: 0 #2d2d2d, stop: 0.1 #2b2b2b, stop: 0.5 #292929, stop: 0.9 #282828, stop: 1 #252525);"
                              "border: 2px solid QLinearGradient( x1: 0, y1: 0, x2: 0, y2: 1, stop: 0 #ffa02f, stop: 1 #d7801a);"

qDebug() << ui->pushButton->styleSheet();
  • after clicking on that button you don't have the light-orange rect I have in the screenshot?? Also with the complete css file I linked setted up in QApplication??
    – nkint
    Jun 24, 2013 at 16:44
  • If I copy your code and apply the style ONLY to the instance of QPushButton I have the same problem.. this let me think that could be some Ubuntu preferences..
    – nkint
    Jun 24, 2013 at 16:50
  • Yeap, both that code snippet and loading the entire css file worked on Windows and Ubuntu
    – Huy
    Jun 24, 2013 at 16:51

Thanks to Huytard's answer I have found out that is not a Qt CSS problem but it is the normal behavior of my Ubuntu Appearance setting to add an Orange rect on focused buttons.

The theme Ambiance is the default theme in Ubuntu 12.04 and it has the graphical behavior of enhancing focused elements with an orange inner rectangle.

If I change the theme the effect I posted about and I thought was QT CSS problem is gone away. So.. it is not a QT CSS problem but Ubuntu. If someone is interested in that.. http://askubuntu.com is full of information about changing the main theme color.

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