I'm using code first migrations with my context class in a class library (ie not the startup project) and I want to make batch files for the common operations to save having to pass in the parameters each time I want to add-migration and update-database. I ran the "dir" command in the console and it appears to be in the solution root folder so I have tried creating a .bat,.cmd or .ps1 file in the Solution Items folder but the package manager powershell doesn't seem to be able to find it?


At this very moment I am happening to read this from Bruce Payette's "Powershell in Action" (Wonderful book) so share something with you, lucky guy:

"In this example (Poster: an example in the book), even though hello.ps1 is in the current directory, you had to put ./ in front of it to run it. This is because Powershell doesn't execute commands out of the current directory by default. This prevents accidental execution of the wrong command."


Looks like I needed to just put a ".\" on the beginning of the batch file name - not sure if Powershell requires this to execute?

  • This works in Visual Studio 2017 Professional - .\XXX.bat – Mike Upjohn Aug 17 '18 at 20:58

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