How do I go about localizing data string that come from yaml files stored in the data folder

wondered if there were some techniques I have missed for this.

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One way i am aware of, is using symbols (pointing to translation items) within your data:


title: :product_title


set :lang, :de
activate :i18n, :langs => [:de, :en]

These symbols can be translated as (Middleman) usual ...


  product_title: "Mein deutscher Produktname"


  product_title: "My english product title"

... and used in your templates:


<h1><%= I18n.t(data.product.title) %></h1>

Mein deutscher Produktname

My english product title

  • ahh thats the key so data contains even the locale files also. thanks - other ways had described - - content_for :metaSubject do - I18n.t :metaSubjectHome
    – Ian Warner
    Jun 27, 2013 at 11:30

You can use .send method.

In /data/en/production.yml

title: "My english product title"

In /data/ja/production.yml

title: "私の日本語の商品名"

Then in your template...

<h1><%= I18n.t(data.send(I18n.locale.to_sym).product.title) %></h1>
  • You don't need wrap it again with I18n#t Dec 25, 2014 at 17:57

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