While trying to achieve one to many mapping for class Person and Address I get the following exception :org.hibernate.MappingException: could not instantiate id generator.

I don't know the reason for this. What could be the reason I am getting this exception ?

<class name="pojo.Person" table="person">
      <id name="personID" column="p_id">
          <generator class="increment" />
      <property name="personName" column="p_name" />
      <set name="addressSet" table="address" cascade="all"> 
          <key column="p_id" />
          <one-to-many class="pojo.Address" />

<class name="pojo.Address" table="address">
      <id name="a_id" column="a_id">
          <generator class="foreign" />
      <property name="personAddress" column="p_address" />

Sql that created table:

CREATE TABLE person(p_id INTEGER,p_name TEXT,PRIMARY KEY(p_id));
CREATE TABLE address(a_id INTEGER,p_address TEXT);

Note: One person can have more than one address

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You need to change generator class from foreigner to increment in a key of your Address entity. For details, see this answer where I already mentioned that.

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