Topojson's doc states:

You can specify ESRI shapefiles as input:

topojson -o output.json input.shp 

My .shp file is valid, npm and topojson are installed, and I'am in the input file's directory (cd). This topojson command simply doesn't work on my side, no output, nor feedback produced.

How do you convert shp into topojson on your side ?

which topojson gives /usr/local/bin/topojson

which ogr2ogr gives /usr/bin/ogr2ogr

On ubuntu 13.04, but I think my issue is not related to ubuntu.

  • Thanks for the typo-fix. – Hugolpz Jun 26 '13 at 0:23

Nodesjs was corrupted, I had to remove, clean up, then reinstall nodejs & topojson. See this overflow

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