What I want: http://puu.sh/3oUjh.jpg What I have: http://puu.sh/3oUnI.png

The toolbar is made in mainwindow.ui, ive tried ui->_toolbar->setLayoutDirection(Qt::LeftToolBarArea);

But I get this error: no matching function for call to 'QToolBar::setLayoutDirection(Qt::ToolBarArea)'


You can use QToolBar::orientation property:


You can also use QMainWindow::addToolBar:

addToolBar(Qt::LeftToolBarArea, ui->myToolbar);

Note that by default the user is able to drag toolbars and attach them to any side of the main window.

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    addToolBar(Qt::LeftToolBarArea, ui->myToolbar); worked wonders – throwaway2013 Jun 27 '13 at 0:03

You're using the wrong enum for setLayoutDirection:

// Don't use this.  You need to use a different method 
// if you want it placed against the left side.
enum ToolBarArea {
    LeftToolBarArea = 0x1,
    RightToolBarArea = 0x2,
    TopToolBarArea = 0x4,
    BottomToolBarArea = 0x8,

    ToolBarArea_Mask = 0xf,
    AllToolBarAreas = ToolBarArea_Mask,
    NoToolBarArea = 0

You need to use something from Qt::LayoutDirection:

enum LayoutDirection {


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