I am writing a series of text menus. With the class and sub class below it runs with no issues. But I am reviewing my coding and I am wondering....is it ok that I didn't use def __init__(self) in the classes? Should I have placed the data members in def __init__(Self): such as self.images = (), self.options =()? If I did that then I could not use the abc module for restrains, correct?

class BaseMenu(object):
    __metaclass__ = abc.ABCMeta

    def options(self):

    def menu_name(self):

    def display(self):
        header = "FooBar YO"
        term = getTerminalSize()
        print header.center(term, '*')
        print self.menu_name.center(term, '+')
        print "Please choose which option:"
        for i in self.options:
                str(self.options.index(i)+1) + ") "
                + i.__name__
        value = int(raw_input("Please Choose: ")) - 1


class Servers(BaseMenu):

    menu_name = "Servers"
    images = ()
    foo = ()

    def get_images(self):
        if not self.images:
            self.images = list_images.get_images()
        for img in self.images:
            print (
                str(self.images.index(img)+1) + ") "
                + "Name: %s\n    ID: %s" %
                (img.name, img.id)

    def get_foo(self):
        if not self.foo:
            self.foo = list_list.get_list()
        for list in self.foo:
            print "Name:", list.name
            print "  ID:", list.id

    def create_servers(self):

    options = (

Your code is perfectly fine. You don't have to have an __init__ method.

You can still use __init__, even with an ABC. All that the ABC meta tests for is if the names have been defined. Setting images in an __init__ does requires that you define a class attribute, but you can set that to None at first:

class Servers(BaseMenu):

    menu_name = "Servers"
    images = None
    foo = None

    def __init__(self):
        self.images = list_images.get_images()
        self.foo = list_list.get_list()

Now you can set constraints on the ABC requiring that a images abstract property be available; the images = None class attribute will satisfy that constraint.

class A:
    def a(self, a):
ob = A()
ob.a("Hello World")
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    Please give context to your code. Answers containing code only without explanation and/or comments are not very useful. – pfabri Mar 16 at 15:40

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