We are going to create some applications that will access the same api. We decided that the backed part will be developed in node.js and the database will be MySQL and maybe some parts mongoDB.

I have problem deciding about the front end of the web application that will be a website. Taking a look on this question: Separate REST JSON API server and client? we decided that fits better to us server side templating/rendering.

Do you think that using a PHP framework (like symfony, laravel etc) only for templating is good solution, or is it stupid to use a complete framework that offers a lot of features that we are not going to use only for templating? I was thinking to use twig that is only a template engine and try to fit backbone on it just to structure better the ajax calls to the RESTful API.

Do you have something different to suggest for server side rendering?

I have no experience at all, thats why i am writing to prevent taking bad decisions.


There are a bunch of awesome templating options for Node.JS! Here's a small list of some that I've used:

  • hogan (by twitter, feels like mustache)
  • jade (by tjholowaychuk, same code-machine behind express and a bunch of other awesome node projects)
  • ginger (by yours truly!)
  • swig (my personal favourite right now)
  • ejs (simple javascript-in-html thing, feels like php)

I like swig right now. It's basically what I wanted to build when I was working on ginger. It looks and feels a lot like django's templating system, which many popular template languages (twig, for example) have been inspired by.

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  • I would like to specify that i don't want to be together in node.js. I just want to develop a different client for the api. – stavros.zavrakas Jun 27 '13 at 7:48
  • In that case, it might be a good idea to remove the node.js tag from this question. – deoxxa Jun 27 '13 at 7:50

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