I am using MSQL with Ibatis. I got a trouble when retrieving datas by checking with dynamic query.

At my Table ..

Id(Long) | Name(varchar) | Gender (varchar) | Age(Integer) |

and I want to retrieve "Name" filed of

  1. If "Gender" == female then ignore age of her and retrieve her age.
  2. If "Gender" == male then check his age > 16 . If so , retrieve it.
  3. If "Gender" == male and age <= 16 . I don't want to retrieve it.

I want to use dynamic query when gender was "male". There haven't any parameters from calling query. I really want to do is like that..

<isNotEqual property="GENDER" compareValue="female">AND AGE > 16</isNotEqual>

My questions how to figure it out and has any other ways to get it ? I don't mean only with Ibatis.

Thanks for reading my question. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  • This is my sample table and sample conditions. At my real facing problem is I want to join another table by dynamically under conditions of table's column value (that can't be seen). – Cataclysm Jun 27 '13 at 12:08
select name, age
from people
where gender = 'male' and age > 16
or gender = 'female'
  • thanks for imediately response for my question. You point me of my forgotten way. Thanks in advance. How should I do with Ibatis bro ? – Cataclysm Jun 27 '13 at 12:12

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