I'd be very grateful if someone could provide me the basic steps to install the Play2War Plugin. Like where to put the plugin files?, and which files?

I'm pretty new with Play Framework (Java, I'm not a Scala developer, ...yet), just created my first application, and want to deploy it on my server, with is a CentOS with Tomcat/ Glassfish installed, but unfortunately I found out that the 2.x version didn't have the built in war command anymore. I scoured the documentation and found the links Configuration, Usage and Deployment, but what I want to know are the steps until get there.

I started looking for sbt building tool ('cause Play2War Plugin uses it), until I realize that Play Framework 2.1.1. already have it installed (at least that is what I believe. See: *PLAY_HOME/framework/sbt/sbt-launch.jar* and *PLAY_HOME/framework/build*). Am I correct?

Thanks in advance,

  • If you have a working play application, you are already using SBT tools to build. Yes, SBT comes with play.

  • The play2war plugin tutorial provides a step-by-step instruction. Simply follow the tutorial, you should be fine.

  • To answer your question, where to put the plugin file?
    As the tutorial suggests, you need to modify files like APP_HOME/project/plugins.sbt, APP_HOME/project/Build.scala. You should already have these files, you simply need to add those lines to these existing files.

If you have a specific problem, please provide the error message.

  • Thanks, I've downloaded the .zip file, which contains the following directories: ext-runtimes/, project-code/, and 2 samples directories (one at singular). Which one should I include to my project? And under which project directory? – César Barbosa Jun 27 '13 at 16:35
  • You should not download anything. What you need to do is follow the tutorial, and add this line addSbtPlugin("com.github.play2war" % "play2-war-plugin" % "1.0"), and sbt will pull the artifact from Maven repository. – Mingyu Jun 27 '13 at 16:46
  • Thanks again, 2 firsts steps done, stuck on the 3rd: what is the project configuration mentioned at Add all Play2war settings in your project configuration link, not the application.conf, right? I've searched all files in project and didn't found not a word like those. – César Barbosa Jun 27 '13 at 17:29
  • It is also in Build.scala – Mingyu Jun 27 '13 at 17:36
  • Thanks, it worked fine! Strange didn't found those words with Sublime Text... – César Barbosa Jun 27 '13 at 18:27

As Play 2.1.1 already has SBT its as simple as doing the following:

Within plugins.sbt add:

addSbtPlugin("com.github.play2war" % "play2-war-plugin" % "1.0")

Then within the Build.scala file add:

import com.github.play2war.plugin._


val main = play.Project(appName, appVersion, appDependencies)

.settings(Play2WarPlugin.play2WarSettings: _*)
.settings(Play2WarKeys.servletVersion := "X.X")

The X.X needs to be changed to the required Java Servlet version (usually 3.0 or 2.5 depending on your container)

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