How to make sure SSL is enabled properly on Active Directory server?

On server itself if I run ldp, I think I can connect on 636 port.

I see something like this in output:

ld = ldap_sslinit("localhost", 636, 1);

Error <0x0> = ldap_set_option(hLdap, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, LDAP_VERSION3);

Error <0x0> = ldap_connect(hLdap, NULL);

Error <0x0> = ldap_get_option(hLdap,LDAP_OPT_SSL,(void*)&lv);

Host supports SSL, SSL cipher strength = 128 bits

Established connection to localhost.

Retrieving base DSA information...

Result <0>: (null)

Matched DNs:

Getting 1 entries:

>> Dn:

**** and 10-12 more lines **** 

Does this mean SSL is enabled properly?

What about errors in 2-4 lines?


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Yes, SSL was enabled.

URLs provided by me in comments have more details.

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