I have a flat file where I have multiple occurrences of strings that contains single quote, e.g. hari's and leader's.

I want to replace all occurrences of the single quote with space, i.e.

  • all occurences of hari's to hari s
  • all occurences of leader's to leader s

I tried

sed -e 's/"'"/ /g' myfile.txt


sed -e 's/"'"/" "/g' myfile.txt

but they are not giving me the expected result.


Try to keep sed commands simple as much as possible. Otherwise you'll get confused of what you'd written reading it later.

sed "s/'/ /g" myfile.txt

This will do what you want to

echo "hari's"| sed 's/\x27/ /g'

It will replace single quotes present anywhere in your file/text. Even if they are used for quoting they will be replaced with spaces. In that case(remove the quotes within a word not at word boundary) you can use the following:

echo "hari's"| sed -re 's/(\<.+)\x27(.+\>)/\1 \2/g'



Just go leave the single quote and put an escaped single quote:

sed 's/'\''/ /g' input

also possible with a variable:

sed "s/$quote/ /g" input

Here is based on my own experience.

Please notice on how I use special char ' vs " after sed

This won't do (no output)

2521 #> echo 1'2'3'4'5 | sed 's/'/ /g'

but This would do

2520 #> echo 1'2'3'4'5 | sed "s/'/ /g"
  • I guess a bit of explanation would be nice. Also: Is this really a matter of Solaris or something else? (What else?)
    – Holger
    Aug 21 '17 at 21:55

The -i should replace it in the file sed -i 's/“/"/g' filename.txt

if you want backups you can do sed -i.bak 's/“/"/g' filename.txt


I had to replace "0x" string with "32'h" and resolved with:

sed 's/ 0x/ 32\x27h/'

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