Background: I have an extensive set of specialized VBA macros used in Word for document formatting purposes. In Word 2003, these macros were activated from a customized toolbar. I have recently transitioned to Word 2007 and would like to be able to run these existing VBA macros from a new Word Ribbon created with VS 2010. I have created a Ribbon; however, I cannot figure out how to call the existing macros from the new Ribbon buttons.

Question: How do I call the existing VBA macros, which are stored in a .dotm template, from the C# Word Add-in?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The technique described in MS KB article 306683 -- in particular, function RunMacro defined there -- should allow you to call a VBA macro from within C# code: You define a function RunMacro

private void RunMacro(object oApp, object[] oRunArgs)
        System.Reflection.BindingFlags.Default |
        null, oApp, oRunArgs);

and then call your macro like this:

RunMacro(oApp, new object[] {"NameOfMyMacro"})


RunMacro(oApp, new object[] {"NameOfMyMacro", "some", 3, "parameters"})

oApp is the Word.Application object, which I'm sure is available somewhere in a Word add-in.

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