My collection and model like this:

detail_userid = 0;
detail_contactid = 0;
var ContactDetail = Backbone.Model.extend({  
    urlRoot: URL_CONTACTS1+detail_userid+"/"+detail_contactid

var ContactDetailCollection =  Backbone.Collection.extend({ 
    model: ContactDetail,
    url: URL_CONTACTS1+detail_userid+"/"+detail_contactid

The entrance is:

ContactDetailManagePageModel.prototype.init = function(m,n){ 
    detail_userid = m;
    detail_contactid = n;
    var myContactDetails = new ContactDetailCollection();
    var contactDetailListView = new ContactDetailListView({
            collection: myContactDetails

But when it runs,the url is :http://localhost:8080/ws/users/contacts/0/0,it means that the assignment to detail_userid and detail_contactid is unsuccessful,I don't know why.

Hope for your help.Thanks.


I think you are statically definining the urlRoot and url properties before you are running the init of the PageModel (not quite sure where you are getting m and n from though...)

Both url and urlRoot can be a function, so you can pass in options during instantiation and have them dynamically set on the model.

Simple example covering defining the collection and then creating one

var ContactDetailCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({ 
    model: ContactDetail,
    url: function(){
      return URL_CONTACTS1 + this.options.detail_userid + "/" + this.options.detail_contactid;

var myContactDetails = new ContactDetailCollection({
  detail_userid: foo,
  detail_contactid: bar

As I mentioned, I'm not sure what your init function is doing, I'm guessing it's something custom from your app that I don't need to worry about.

I'm fairly sure the main thing to take away is to set url and urlRoot dynamically

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    I did as you said,but it said that 'this.options is undefined' Jun 30 '13 at 12:18
  • sorry have been on holiday.... i can see that you've accepted the answer. are you all set now? Jul 8 '13 at 11:14
  • In coffeescript, this looks like ...extends Backbone.Collection constructor: (@options) -> url: -> "URL_CONTACTS1/#{@options.detail_userid}/#{@options.detail_contactid}"
    – Pakman
    Aug 27 '13 at 3:17
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    That was probably the way to do in the past, but now it won't work anymore. @Paul T. Rawkeen answer bellow should be the accepted answer for today. Jan 20 '16 at 10:11

I would fulfill the accepted answer with few remarks.

  1. First parameter when initializing Backbone.Collection is array of models, then options. To create an empty collection with options you should do next

    var c = new Backbone.Collection(null, {opt1: val1, opt2: val2});

  2. Actually, you can't access this.options in url function, bec. there are no options like in a model. What you can do, is assign required properties from options upon initialization.

initialize: function (models, options) {
    // `parseInt()` is used for consistency that `id` is numeric, just to be sure
    this.detail_userid = parseInt(options.detail_userid);
    this.detail_contactid = parseInt(options.detail_contactid);

Later you can access them like this:

url: function() {
    return URL_CONTACTS1 + this.detail_userid + "/" + this.detail_contactid;

I wanted to use the HATEOAS href from one model to fetch data of another model. It worked to simply set the url on the newly created collection instead of defining it right away in the constructor.

var DailyMeasuresCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    //url : set dynamically with collection.url = url
    model : DailyMeasuresModel,
    parse : function(data) {
        return data._embedded.dailyMeasures;

var DailyMeasuresTopicListItemView = Backbone.View.extend({

    events : {
        'click .select-topic' : 'onClick'

    onClick : function() {
        var topicMeasures = new DailyMeasuresCollection()

        topicMeasures.url = this.model.attributes._links.measures.href // <- here assign

        var topicMeasuresView = new DailyMeasuresListView({
            collection : topicMeasures

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