Is there a way to set a document level TTL for every object that we store in RIAK?

For example, if i want to store "value" for a "key" in RIAK, can i set a TTL of 30 seconds on that key so that the element expires on the 31st second?

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You can't store a different TTL for each object, but if you're using the Bitcask or in-memory backend you can set a "global" TTL which is applied to all objects stored.

See: FAQ: How can I automatically expire a key from Riak?

In the app config you'd have:

{bitcask, [
    {data_root, "data/bitcask"},
    {expiry_secs, 30} %% Expire after 30 secs
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    Please note that you also can use the multi backend option to define multiple bitcask backends, each with its own TTL setting. – Christian Dahlqvist Jun 28 '13 at 15:26

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