On my first-gen Macbook Pro, with OS X 10.6.1, I can launch gnuplot and get a plot, after I set the terminal to x11, with a command like

plot [-6:6] sin(x).

But when I launch octave, and try a plot command, like

plot([2 3],[4 5]) or plot([-6:0.01:6],cos([-6:0.01:6]))

I get no error messages and no plot. Just another octave prompt. I installed from octave-3.2.3-i386.dmg. What gives?

Any suggestions appreciated.


If gnuplot works after setting the terminal to x11 (set term x11), then you could try the same in octave:

octave-3.2.3:1> setenv GNUTERM 'x11'

I believe that the default terminal of gnuplot on OS X is aquaterm, so it is probably the default terminal when octave is plotting with gnuplot as well.


If you have aqua it will work fine.

It seems to me that you have port installed aquaterm and xcode also

Verify with:

sudo port installed

if exists aqua and you have xcode installed try

sudo port uninstall aqua

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