I have a data table with 7 columns and 400 records. One of them is budget. I want to group the 400 rows by budget so that I get an array like this:


So far I have been playing around with Yii's CdbCommand and CdbDataReader and PHP's PDOStatement but nothing is working right. I tried the following code

public function actionBidCostByBudget(){

        $command = Yii::app()->db
        # ->Query()
        echo '<pre>';
        echo get_class($command);
        if($pdostatement) echo get_class($pdostatement);
        # print_r($statement->fetchall(PDO::FETCH_COLUMN|PDO::FETCH_GROUP));
        # print_r($command->readall());
        # print_r($statement->fetch());
        # $columnsArray = BidCost::attributeLabels();


The attempts to print_r all print out with nothing. getPdoStatement equals nothing. I have been trying to use PDO::FETCH_COLUMN|PDO::FETCH_GROUP as per the Php.net website, but it does not work either because I get nothing.


One of Yii's strengths is it's ActiveRecord, so why not use it?

Make your budget to a separate table (so you can generate a model from it). Reference it from your "datatable".

    name TEXT

CREATE TABLE datatable(
    column1 TEXT,
    column2 TEXT,
    budget_id INTEGER,
    FOREIGN KEY(budget_id) REFERENCES budget(id)

Next generate models with Gii, and now you can use your newly made relations like this:

$budget = Budget::model()->findByAttributes( ["name"=>"budget2"] );
foreach( $budget->datatables as $dt ) {
    echo $dt->column1;
    echo $dt->column2;

(I know. Not the array you asked for. Sorry if I'm way off with this.)

  • Sorry, but I am not a fan of ActiveRecord. It takes up too much memory. Secondly, either you misunderstood my table or you have an error in your syntax. A table has three columns: ID, Description, Budget; plus several rows (example:4). I need an array that outputs first by budget and then by the column values for each row. – user139301 Jun 29 '13 at 19:33

Alright, the bottom line is that I was not able to find a way to do this right thru Yii, so I did it with a more hands-on approach.

The first thing I did was basically initiate a database connection thru Yii.

$command = Yii::app()->db   //outputs CDbConnnection

The next thing I did was get a PDO class from the connection:

$pdoinstance = $command->getPdoInstance();  //outputs PDO class

From this point, it was help obtained from PHP.net and another question posted on this forum:

$pdostatement=$pdoinstance->prepare('SELECT BUDGET_CODE, 
//default fetch mode could not be set
# $pdostatement->setfetchmode(PDO::FETCH_GROUP|PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); 
//returns array

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