I'm using Nokogiri::XML to parse responses from Amazon SimpleDB. The response is something like:

<SelectResponse xmlns="http://sdb.amazonaws.com/doc/2007-11-07/">

If I just hand the response straight over to Nokogiri, all XPath queries (e.g. doc/"//Item/Attribute[Name='Foo']/Value") return an empty array. But if I remove the xmlns attribute from the SelectResponse tag, it works perfectly.

Is there some extra thing I need to do to account for the namespace declaration? This workaround feels horribly like a hack.

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That XPath query looks for elements that are not in any namespace. You need to tell your XPath processor that you are looking for elements in the http://sdb.amazonaws.com/doc/2007-11-07/ namespace.

One way to do that with Nokogiri is:

doc = Nokogiri::XML.parse(...)
doc.xpath("//aws:Item/aws:Attribute[Name='Foo']/aws:Value", {"aws" => "http://sdb.amazonaws.com/doc/2007-11-07/"})
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    Just providing "xmlns:" like doc.xpath('//xmlns:Item... should be working too.
    – user569825
    Mar 19, 2013 at 14:49

I found "Namespaces in XML" really helpful in understanding what's going on.

Basically if you have a namespace defined via xmlns=, you must use a namespace in your XPath searches.

So in your case, you could do one of three things:

  • Remove the xmlns attribute from the root SearchResponse. In that case your original, namespace-less XPath query will work.

  • Use the default namespace in your XPath query:

  • Define a custom namespace in the second argument of the xpath method and use that in your query, as shown in hrnt's solution above.


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