I have started using/learning linux few days back. I am reading the book "Advanced Linux Programming". It is a very nice book but it does not contain exercises to practice. I am not able to make problems on my own. Can you please share a link or a book where I can get problems to practice C/C++ under Linux?

EDIT: I was looking for problems related to multithreading,interprocess communication and synchronization. I know C and C++. I have been working on windows and now I want to learn Linux.



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Hope this is what you are looking for.


Several books have exercises at the end of each chapter. Most which have been recommended on StackOverflow do. There are also challenges and exercises online, but I think it is for the intermediates.

Btw googling "c++ programming exercises beginners" give tons of results, even the one Nader mentionned. Also check out codechef easy section

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