I'm writing a Scala compiler plugin for the refchecks phase.

How do I access the symbol that a "super" call refers to, given the symbol of the callsite?

For example, in

trait A {
  def m() {}

trait B extends A {
  def m() { super.m() }

knowing the symbol for the callsite super.m(), I would like to get the symbol for trait A.

  • are getClass() and classOf() for concrete instances and classes/types not what you want or not available at that phase?
    – Gene T
    Commented Jul 2, 2013 at 2:01

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I think using of self type annotations and multiple inheritance will serve you:

trait HelperTrait {
  def helperMethod {println("calling helperMethod of HelperTrait")}

trait PublicInterface { this: HelperTrait =>
  def useHelperMethod 
    println("calling useHelperMethod of PublicInterface")

class ImplementationClass extends PublicInterface with HelperTrait

var obj = new ImplementationClass()

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