I would like to traverse every element and attribute in an xml and grab the name an value without knowing the names of the elements in advance. I even have a book on linq to xml with C# and it only tells me how to query to get the value of elements when I already know the name of the element.

The code below only gives me the most high level element information. I need to also reach all of the descending elements.

            XElement reportElements = null;
            reportElements = XElement.Load(filePathName.ToString());

            foreach (XElement xe in reportElements.Elements())


Elements only walks one level; Descendants walks the entire DOM for elements, and you can then (per-element) check the attributes:

    foreach (var el in doc.Descendants()) {
        foreach (var attrib in el.Attributes()) {
            Console.WriteLine("> " + attrib.Name + " = " + attrib.Value);
  • Er, I don't don't know what you mean by forgot something. – JK. Nov 17 '09 at 6:57

You should try:


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