Below mixin

mixin form(title, action)
    legend title
    form.form-horizontal(method='post', action=action)
        label Name:

renders to

<form method="post" action="save" class="form-horizontal">
  <input type="text"/>

Now, I extracted the label and field into another mixin

mixin form(title, action)
    legend title
    form.form-horizontal(method='post', action=action)

mixin field(name)
    label #{name}:

and use as

mixin form("xxxx", "save")
    mixin field('Name')

This gives error

>> Line 1209: Unexpected string
Warning: Jade failed to compile test.jade. Use --force to continue.

is it possible to nest mixin and how to make it render as the first output.



Seems it should be possible. At least the guy here was able to.


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    This guy from the link is very laconic but he is right. Actually I spent some time trying to figure out what he meant so maybe this will be useful for somebody. You have to add block statement at the end of declaration of the containing mixin. – Oskar Skuteli Feb 12 '14 at 15:24
  • I am not into mixin anymore but I think you just have to add "block" in the end as Oscar said. Like the link shows but only once. github.com/jadejs/jade/issues/1693 – Avec Oct 16 '15 at 20:41
mixin field(name)
    label #{name}:

mixin forms(title, action, name)
    legend #{title}
    form.form-horizontal(method='post', action='#{action}')

Test Call

+forms( '*TheTitle*', '*TheAction*' , '*TheName*' )


<form method="post" action="TheAction" class="form-horizontal"></form>
<input type="text" name="TheName" id="TheName"/>

You must define the mixins separately and then invoke the 'field' mixin within the definition of the 'forms' mixin.

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