We are planing to have push notifications enabled in our Android and IOS app. So while noting down the scenarios we came across one question :

Do we get a feedback from the cloud services (GCM and APN) that app is uninstalled for a given payload?

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I am answering about GCM

When users uninstall an application, it is not automatically unregistered on GCM. It is only unregistered when the GCM server tries to send a message to the device and the device answers that the application is uninstalled or it does not have a broadcast receiver configured to receive com.google.android.c2dm.intent.RECEIVE intents. At that point, your server should mark the device as unregistered (the server will receive a NotRegistered error).

More info at :- GCM Architectural Overview


Pankaj's answer regarding GCM is correct.

As for APNS, they have a feedback service in which they return device tokens of devices that uninstalled the app.

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