I have SQL Server 2008 R2 inside Windows Server 2008. But when I tried to start the "SQL Server Browser" service, I got the following error:

The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

So what might be causing this error?

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Try to open Services Window, by writing services.msc into Start->Run and hit Enter.

When window appears, then find SQL Browser service, right click and choose Properties, and then in dropdown list choose Automatic, or Manual, whatever you want, and click OK. Eventually, if not started immediately, you can again press right click on this service and click Start.

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This error can occur on anything that requires elevated privileges in Windows.

It happens when the "Application Information" service is disabled in Windows services. There are a few viruses that use this as an attack vector to prevent people from removing the virus. It also prevents people from installing software to remove viruses.

The normal way to fix this would be to run services.msc, or to go into Administrative Tools and run "Services". However, you will not be able to do that if the "Application Information" service is disabled.

Instead, reboot your computer into Safe Mode (reboot and press F8 until the Windows boot menu appears, select Safe Mode with Networking). Then run services.msc and look for services that are designated as "Disabled" in the Startup Type column. Change these "Disabled" services to "Automatic".

Make sure the "Application Information" service is set to a Startup Type of "Automatic".

When you are done enabling your services, click Ok at the bottom of the tool and reboot your computer back into normal mode. The problem should be resolved when Windows reboots.

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Oddly enough, the issue for me was I was trying to open 2012 SQL Server Integration Services on SSMS 2008 R2. When I opened the same in SSMS 2012, it connected right away.

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