I developed a website and configured in IIS in the name(abc) and then I copied the same website to another directory and that also configured in IIS with different name(def).

Both the application are working good.

Now, I am opening the abc application(abs/default.aspx) and then in another tab I'm opening def application(def/default.aspx). In this case when I login the second(def) app in the second tab , the first(abc) app is losing the session and then logs out automatically.

Please explain the problem and give me the solution.

  • Please use different browser or use tabs in private or incognito mode. Might be both of your hosted application using same cookie for user login. – Pranav Singh Jul 1 '13 at 13:41

They probably have the same <machinekey> configured, or they are overwriting each other's cookies.

Give each site unique values for keys and cookie names.

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