I have two custom actions, one of which I'd like to execute when my product is installed and the other when it is uninstalled.

My custom action is currently called from a merge module after the "InstallFinalize", but this happens for both install and uninstall. I've tried adding the "NOT INSTALLED AND NOT UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE" condition, but that gave me an error:

Error 2762. Cannot write script record. Transaction not started.

I've also tried attaching to other actions (for example, UnpublishComponents), but I can't find any that are unique to install or uninstall.

How can I fix this problem?


Try next
1. Only for Installation:

<Custom Action="SomeAction" After="InstallFinalize">NOT Installed AND NOT REMOVE</Custom>

2. For Uninstall try to use: Rob's answer

UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE property is set only during RemoveExistingProducts CA.

  • Thanks a lot, this is the way to do it. – Alan Spark Jul 3 '13 at 18:45

The variable “INSTALLED” should be using is “Installed”. Find more information regarding the Install and uninstall conditions in the Stack Overflow answer How to add a WiX custom action that happens only on uninstall (via MSI)?.

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