I know that , we can copy files from host to another from mac using finder/smb protocol.

But I would like to copy files from mac to windows machine using command line. so that, I can call the same pro-grammatically.

Could anyone please guide?


If you can copy the files using the Finder then you have connected to the SMB share. You can see this from the command line by looking in the /Volumes folder.

On the command line, issue the command:

ls /Volumes

You should see the SMB share listed along with some other names.

Then to copy files to it:

cp myfiles/* /Volumes/MySMBShare/mydirectory

If the name of the share has spaces in it you will need to escape them with backslashes like so:

cp myfiles/* /Volumes/My\ SMB\ Share/mydirectory
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    great! but how to make sure that this host is always connected to mac ; is there any setting? I saw many times that finder few timeout asks for connectivity to same host. ** just want to make sure that script doesnt get halt at any stage ** – Robin Jul 1 '13 at 19:45

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