Is it possible to pass arguments to ClickOnce application from other browsers besides Internet Explorer?

I am not even able to launch online-only application from any other browser. I am able to start offline ClickOnce applications (the .application file is downloaded and I am able to start it locally), but I am getting a file not found exception (Could not find a part of the path: 'path to manifest, relative to local .application') when opening the .application file of an online-only application.

Is it possible to run online-only ClickOnce applications from other browsers without the extensions (like the firefox clickonce extension)?


If your client is running .NET 3.5 SP1 they'll have FireFox plugin automatically installed. Opera/Safari/Chrome support would need hacks (such as copying .application and required files locally).

  • Thanks for you answer! Could you please provide some details on copying .application files locally and passing parameters to them? I am having trouble passing url parameters to downloaded .application files. – Marek Dec 17 '09 at 8:07

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