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it seems that all the PAAS providers, including openshift, are of the

the service terminates http/https traffic, looks at the Host: header, an then forwards the request to a single listening port on your app.

i have the misfortune of having an applications that needs both an incoming http listener and a raw TCP listener.

the proxies used by the PAAS services seem to support UPGRADE only for websockets (if that).

does anyone have any "clever" work-arounds that i might use to deploy an app that needs to listen on two ports, one of which isn't HTTP? or does anyone have a "real clever" work around that lets me get the same effect with a single listening port?

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In the case of OpenShift Online, here's an FAQ that explains the current port restrictions and some workarounds:

OpenShift Online is also working on enabling cartridge authors to open their own ports as per:

Let us know how it goes!

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many thanks. follow-up question: i can make everything work if the openshift proxy supports HTTP's CONNECT method transparently, e.g., CONNECT ... HTTP/1.1 Host: passing the CONNECT to the application and then transparently copying octets over the connection until it closes, e.g., socket1.pipe(socket2); socket2.pipe(socket1); – mrose17 Jul 3 '13 at 21:59

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