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I want to use a JDBC Connetion in my webapp which is configured in WebSphere. (Like this one here: How to use JDBC in JavaEE?)

I had used this DataSource before via JPA but our customer wants to have native SQL ... don't ask.

I found a lot of examples and tutorial (e.g., Websphere JNDI lookup fails) but nothing want work.

The DataSource in the WebSphere has the JNDI-Name "jdbc/myDS"

I added a resource-ref to my web.xml:


And I tryed to get the DataSource in my Dao:

ds = (DataSource) new InitialContext()

But what I get is a CWNEN0044E: A resource reference binding could not be found for the following resource references [jdbc/myDS], defined for the MyAPP component.

I tryed a lot. Did anyone sees the fault?

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Did you match your web-app defined datasource with a Websphere defined datasource during installation? Websphere usually asks you to bind resources when they are detected on the installation process (If I remember correctly, it is in the step named "Map reference resources to resources").

Other common issue is a Websphere datasource in a different context (Cell/Node/Server) than your app, so it cannot be found at runtime.

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Thank you really much. This was the solution. When I develop I deploy the application via eclipse connector. There will be no step like "Map reference resources to resources". If you want to deploy via eclipse connector you need to create a file named ibm-web-bnd.xml in your web-inf folder an add the line <resource-ref name="jdbc/myDS" binding-name="jdbc/myDS" /> –  user2546624 Jul 3 '13 at 14:35
Glad to help :P –  Cristian Meneses Jul 3 '13 at 22:17

You need to add the binding in ibm-web-bnd.xml:

<resource-ref name="jdbc/myDS" binding-name="jdbc/myDS" />
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