is there a way to automatically transform every URL from this news site:


that has the word "premium" in it, like so:


to this format:


i am using firefox 22.0

can i make this an add-on for firefox? it would be useful for a lot of people. something that people can easily replicate and use would be good.

to sum up:

somthing that edits a url of choice:


by taking a user selected part:


and inserts it in the user's url of choice:

"www.example.com/{part inserted here}" or even "www.example.com/{part inserted here}/catagory"

i have little programing experiance and even less experiance programing for web.

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You don't need to write new add-on. You can use the GreaseMonkey plugin for firefox and write some small javascript to tell GreaseMonkey to remap your URL. This SO post sounds very similar to what you need to do: Rewrite parts of a URL in Greasemonkey and FireFox

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    Mar 27, 2017 at 6:41

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