I have a Visual Studio solution which contains 2 projects (A and B). Project B depends on Project A. I would like to build both projects but only want project B to execute when I click the start button.

I can highlight Project B in the solution explorer and click on the Project menu to "Set as StartUp Project" and everything works fine on my end. However when I check this into my git repo and share with someone else, Project A is always selected as the StartUp project on their solution.

My suspicion is that Visual Studio is saving this as a user setting instead of a project setting.

Is there any way to make the Project B persist as the StartUp project through a git checkin?

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    This isn't exactly a duplicate, but the "Startup Project" setting is stored in the .suo file. Checking that file in should propogate setting to others. There's also this Visual Studio tip about selecting start up projects (in case you haven't seen it yet). – R0MANARMY Jul 3 '13 at 15:43
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    I don't have an .suo file. Thanks for the first link as that question linked me to another question where I found a solution to my answer! Since I don't have a .suo file, Visual Studio chooses the first project that is loaded as the default startup project. I had to edit my .sln file with a text editor and put Project B before Project A and it works perfectly. – zjacobs Jul 3 '13 at 20:29


maybe it's too late to say anything here, but I'm writing.

According to the page above, start-up project is saved in *.suo as it is a setting not for each project that is in the solution but for solution itself.

  • The referred article has been deleted. – Veverke Aug 9 '15 at 7:56

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