I'm using the FPDF library for PHP to generate reports, but now I need to use another font (Verdana) that isn't in the core fonts. I added the line:


I copied the files verdana.php and verdana.z to the fonts directory. Every things works fine, if I use the next instructions:


But if I try to use the next instruction (to use the bold font):


I get the error:

FPDF error: Undefined font: verdana B

I tried adding another font for the Verdana Bold:


Of course, I put the files verdanab.php and verdanab.z in the fonts directory. But I get the same error. What I'm missing or how to use both Verdana fonts (normal and bold)?

Thanks in advance.

I read through an interesting article on this. It should help you with what you're looking for.

Adding TrueType Fonts to FPDF Documents

Maybe something like this:


make sure you have added the font directory at the top of the script before require('fpdf.php');


if you have already done that, then just remove 'B' from the setFont() method. Its a quick fix and not a good practice.


For more help you can go through this Adding new fonts and encoding support

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    Guess you really missed the question! – Dwza Jan 15 '15 at 18:54

Use this syntax:


instead of using:


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