I am encountering a problem to print multiple variables (say 25) in a function on GDB Prompt.

Is there any convenient way to do this instead of printing every variables manually ?

can I have a script or a simpler way which can do my job ?


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You can print multiple values using printf command in gdb.

printf "%d,%d\n", a, b

To use it in future, you can either define a gdb-function or use gdb-history feature.

  1. To define a gdb-function, create/modify file $HOME/.gdbinit with the following conten,

    define print_all
        printf "%d,%d\n", a, b
    document print_all
        Prints all my variables.

    Then you can use print_all as a command.

  2. For history trick, create/modify file $HOME/.gdbinit with the following content:

    set history filename ~/.gdb_history
    set history save

    and get it using ctrl+r same like in bash. Actual gdb-history answer is here.

  • @Jeyaram, I have no experience on different linux distros, but you can use -x option to specify command file if it is not picked from $HOME/.gdbinit. Ex.: gdb -x /path/.gdbinit /path/binary Jul 5, 2013 at 4:36
  • It seems can't print register.
    – Eric
    Jun 4, 2016 at 16:37

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