My organization would like to simply list our events on our Facebook Page and have these automatically show-up on our Drupal-based website. Is there a Drupal module that supports this (or could be configured to do so?)

As per my knowledge, there is no such module available in Drupal as of now.

But you can write a custom module for the same using following facebook graph api:

You need a valid access token to return the events list for a page.

Visit to test it.

good question, good usecase. I've seen - not tried yet, the feeds_facebook module. It's a feeds module parser. It seems possible to import events. They say:

Example Feed URL:{id}/feed

Tested on Profiles and Pages. Thus, you replace {id} with profile/page unique id.

You might need authentication or access token using the URL. Example Feed URL with authentication access token:{id}/feed?access_token=YOUR_APP_ACCESS_TOKEN

If you give it a try, please share the results!

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