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I'm new using the TFS API, I'm writting an app who delete my team projects, but before I delete I want to know the last time was merged I mean the info that appear in Source Control Explorer > "Sample Project" > view history, and put into a textbox.

Also the info of the last time a user entered the project.

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I Don't know how to check when was the last time a user connected to the project, but this how you can access the source control history from code,

using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client; 
using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client;
using System.Collections;
using System.Windows.Forms;

//The example function is very simple: It gets a change and shows message boxes of all the changesets that have a change for the specified file up to the change transferred to the method.

//Note: Change the [Server Name] with your TFS name.

    public void GetChangesetsOfFile(Change theChange)
      //Query History parameters

      TeamFoundationServer tfs = new TeamFoundationServer 
                    ("[Server Name]");

      VersionControlServer VCServer = 

      int changeId = (theChange.Item.DeletionId != 0) ? 
                    theChange.Item.ChangesetId - 1 :  

      ChangesetVersionSpec version = new  
      ChangesetVersionSpec versionFrom = new 
      string path = theChange.Item.ServerItem;

      //Query History Command
      IEnumerable changesets = VCServer.QueryHistory(path, 
               version, 0, RecursionType.None, null, 
               versionFrom, LatestVersionSpec.Latest, 
               int.MaxValue, true, false);

      foreach (Changeset cSet in changesets) 


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(I'm assuming you're referring to TFS 2012)

There's an article in the 2013 MSDN Magazine that should give you a decent starting point -

By the way, if you want to delete team projects I'd strongly recommend you use TFSDeleteProject ( since you'll be using a supported tool.

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