On my BeagleBone Black, when I run this script:


var b = require('bonescript');

function printData(x) {
    console.log('name = ' + x.name);
    console.log('version = ' + x.version);
    console.log('serialNumber = ' + x.serialNumber);
    console.log('bonescript = ' + x.bonescript);

b.pinMode("P9_11", b.OUTPUT, 7, 'pullup', 'slow');
b.pinMode("P9_13", b.OUTPUT, 7, 'pullup', 'slow');
b.pinMode("P9_15", b.OUTPUT, 7, 'pullup', 'slow');
b.pinMode("P9_17", b.OUTPUT, 7, 'pullup', 'slow');

b.getPinMode("P9_11", printPinMux);
b.getPinMode("P9_13", printPinMux);
b.getPinMode("P9_15", printPinMux);
b.getPinMode("P9_17", printPinMux);

function printPinMux(x) {
    console.log('mux = ' + x.mux);
    console.log('pullup = ' + x.pullup);
    console.log('slew = ' + x.slew);
    if(x.options) {
        console.log('options = ' + x.options.join(','));
    console.log('pin = ' + x.pin);
    console.log('name = ' + x.name);
    console.log('err = ' + x.err);

I get this output:

name = BeagleBone Black
version = 0A5A
serialNumber = 1813BBBK7710
bonescript = 0.2

mux = 7
pullup = pullup
slew = fast
options = gpmc_wait0,mii2_crs,NA,rmii2_crs_dv,mmc1_sdcd,NA,NA,gpio0_30
pin = P9_11
name = UART4_RXD
err = undefined

mux = 7
pullup = pullup
slew = fast
options = gpmc_wpn,mii2_rxerr,NA,rmii2_rxerr,mmc2_sdcd,NA,NA,gpio0_31
pin = P9_13
name = UART4_TXD
err = undefined

mux = 2
pullup = pulldown
slew = slow
options = spi0_cs0,mmc2_sdwp,i2c1_scl,NA,NA,NA,NA,gpio0_5
pin = P9_17
name = I2C1_SCL
err = undefined

mux = 0
pullup = pulldown
slew = fast
options = mii1_rxd3,NA,rgmii1_rd3,mmc0_dat5,mmc1_dat2,NA,mcasp0_axr0,gpio2_18
pin = P9_15
name = GPIO1_16
err = undefined

It looks like b.pinMode() isn't setting the pins' modes. Why?

  • What I've found out so far from G+ is that pins identified in the documentation as available for use by the user may not actually be useable. Certain pins are grabbed by the Linux kernel at boot time and are not available. As far as I've been able to find out, the list of pins that are truly available is not documented. Frankly, I'm annoyed that the pins are documented as available when they're really not, and that getting at the truth is like pulling teeth. I'm second-guessing my board choice. Is it like this with other boards? – Don Branson Jul 7 '13 at 19:24
  • Looks like kernel/devtree learning curve - the cicruitco/bonescript folks are helping out with this, and I'll post an update when I have something more. – Don Branson Jul 8 '13 at 2:34
  • Don Branson do you have any updates? – Vartan Arabyan Jul 25 '13 at 23:48
  • I did, but not with Node.js/bonescript. Jason is working like crazy to update bonescript for the new kernel, which depends on device trees for device management. It's the new, generic approach. In the meantime, I watched a video about device trees, read about them. Check this question, my response and the others, and I think that will help you: stackoverflow.com/questions/16872763/…. – Don Branson Jul 26 '13 at 0:59
  • @DonBranson Nice to run into someone with the same pain. And, good to hear that somone is aware of the issue and actually working on it. I dont know how you contacted Jason, and where he is at regarding the issue. I have begged him over chat, github, and the forums to simply take 2 minutes and explain to me where things are at. To no avail, not so much as as an acknowledgment that he even aware of the issue. If you hear anything please keep me in the loop. github.com/jadonk/bonescript/issues/50 github.com/jadonk/bonescript/issues/44 – Anthony Webb Aug 10 '13 at 15:23

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